is the Master Thesis project of Matthieu Cherubini made in Geneva University of Art and Design in 2011

Closed it in start 2014, tt was a total failure so I closed it, lolololol

Look at the README FIRST.txt
Information Collection and Use

We collect and use your information to provide our Services and improve them over time.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

We do not disclose your private information. is a web service allowing users to install an artificial intelligence (bot) on their Facebook and/or Twitter account. From a different set of techniques, the bot attempts to simulate the activity of the user, to improve it by feeding his account and to create new contacts with other users.

The bot does not born with a fictitious identity, but will be added to the real identity of the user to modify it at his convenience. Thus, this bot can be seen as a virtual prothesis added to an user's account, with the aim to build him a greater social reputation. Moreover, this bot can be perceived as a threat by defrauding even more the reality of who is really who on the cyberspace and by showing the poverty of our social interactions on these so-called social networks.

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